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My Services

Are you curious about Coaching, Embodiment or Breathwork? Maybe all of the above and not sure what is right for you or where to start? Let's talk, tell me about you and what you are seeking and we can figure out if my offerings are meant for you :)

Free Discovery Call

Need support on achieving your goals or gaining clarity in certain aspects of your life? I am here to help you cultivate the life you desire.

Shifts don't happen overnight. Progress takes time and consistency.

4 Sessions starting at $499 include 1 Visualization and Manifesting Breathwork Journey

1:1 Coaching Calls
Embodiment Sessions or
Breathwork Journey

Feel out of touch with yourself? Embodiment allows us to slow down, connect to our body and honor the human vessel we are experiencing.

Breathwork Journeys can be focused for Activating and Energizing, Manifesting, bringing in Abundance, Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Trauma Releasing. Which one do you feel called to do?


1hr Sessions start at $59 

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