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SkyStar Ferris Wheel - San Francisco

Could you believe it's December in San Francisco and the weather is in the low-mid 60's and sunny?! Taking advantage of the last warm winter days I booked tickets to the SkyStar Ferris Wheel in Golden Gate Park! Just in time too because as I write this I checked their website and they have "temporarily ceased operations due to rising COVID cases". Eeek! I do have to say there were A LOT of people, mostly families, out and about in GG Park over the Holiday weekend. Kind of expected, kind of nerve racking, but like we're outside and doing our best to stay 6 feet apart sooo ya know...

Anyways, boyfriend has taken up photography so we got to GG Park for golden hour, an hour before our slotted time 4-5pm. See what we captured below! His Instagram is @lukasfelt_photos

We ended up getting some food at this stand next to the ferris wheel and sat on the grass as we ate our chicken apple hot dog, Dorrito cool ranch chips, and churros. There was a veggie dog, but I was trying to cater to my meat eater of a bf so I suggested the chicken apple hot dog even though I despise hot dogs lol ever since I watched that video of Snoop Dog narrating a video of how hot dogs were made without knowing it was the video... he thought it was play dough or something!! A nasty mixture of meat stuffed into intestine casting *BARF* and literally after two bites I regretted it, getting psychological and/or physically sick, wishing I got a pretzel instead 😢

I now realize that the photo of where we ate doesn't look like there was a lot of people, but there were lol it starting filling up as the sun went down.

We proceeded to get in line since it was a little past 4pm aaannndddd there was a wait lmao We socially distanced in line for 40 mins til we were actually able to get on! Luckily there was a little coffee stand as we got closer to the front so we get a chai latte, white mocha and a blueberry muffin(perfect to wash down that nasty ass hot dog lol) and I also got to snap a cute little photo 😍 As you can see people are starting to pour in lol

Finalllyyyyy we made it on! Before showing up, I thought it was going to be one of those classic ferris wheels where its open with they wind blowing, so I had my blanket on the ready. We were pretty bummed when we realized it was more of a closed gondola ride 😕 It was really hard to get good quality photos, but below is a little glimpse of what you can see if you take the SkyStar Ferris Wheel in GG Park!

Afterwards it was cold AF and I wished for another chai latte lol but we headed to the restrooms on our way out of the park THERE WERE FOOD TRUCKS! You guys, I could of lived without ever eating the chicken apple hot dog *cries* Oh well, tip for life... always check if there are more options before settling especially when it comes to food lol

Later ~M

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