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Pumpkin carving with the boys

Well, shit it's Thursday night, Lucas and I leave for Cabo at 7am tomorrow and we have yet to carve the pumpkins we bought for us and our roommates. We haven't even packed, but it's literally our last night of October to be able to carve these mfs.

The following advice from user experience:

  1. Clean pumpkin.

  2. Cut the around the stem AT AN ANGLE (if you don't do this it WILL fall in!).

  3. Take out the guts. Hand method is fun and all, but in the end a spoon is highly recommended to scoop the sides from bottom up to clean it real good. *the better the clean the longer it will last

  4. Observe your pumpkins sides and pick the perfect side for your spooky creation.

  5. Stare at spooky creation side for the proper amount of time to envision your masterpiece.

  6. Use a pen or marker to stencil out said masterpiece.

  7. Start cutting that shit out and make sure, sure that you are aware of the exact areas to cut or you will end up fucking up and having to restart on the other side.

  8. Go back through your outline to make sure you cut through and through so when you push out your cut out you won't rip through your design and again have to restart on the other side.

  9. Push the cut out.

  10. Place and light a candle on the inside of your pumpkin.

  11. Put stem back on top and place pumpkin in a dark eery location.

  12. Now watch as that mf GLOWS!

Behold, our spooky masterful creations...

Spooky bat was mine :D

Happy Halloween ya'll


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