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Conservatory of Flowers - San Francisco

With Covid comes more outside activities!

An hour before sunset my friends and I walked past the 6th Avenue roller skating park between Fulton Steet and John F Kennedy Drive to "get inspired" as we set up some blankets right in front of the Conservatory of Flowers to have a lovely picnic with vegan noms, champagne and a little roller skating on the side. Situated in the middle of the Conservatory and John F Kennedy (for easy access to the street for a less intimidating skating crowd) we were able to soak in the last remaining sun rays of the day, chat about our Covid stuggles and have prime view of people watching. And what a day it was! SF with its wide array of unique characters had jugglers, flow artists, families, dog walkers, cyclists and more outside taking in the weekend... and then us, just another unique group of San Franciscians learning how to do the WAP dance inbetween sips of champagne LOL.

First Timers -

After been settled for awhile and finished our glasses we decided it was time to put our skating skills to the test and take a few laps down the street! WELL, only one of us was prepared and brought the proper

padding gear 😅 Unable to learn roller skating tricks without fear of falling and breaking our wrists our skating adventure was unfortunately short lived. And thats when our Tik-Tok lover of a friend felt our time was better managed with our feet firmly on the ground learning the famous WAP dance (it's ok we're all professional dancers we do this for a living lol)

Life doesn't always go as planned, (especially, when unpreparred) but hey, it was a great day and you live and you learn right? Next time you see us, you best believe we will have our knee, elbow AND wrist pads on the ready to take on... John F Kennedy Drive because we still need a few practice runs in before we can flow in smoothly with the very intimidating 6th Avenue crew.

And then night came -

The sun set, the street lights came on and it was Summer of Love at the Conservatory of Flowers. If you haven't seen this floral-themed light show I definitely recommend it. An all white 138 year-old structure is transformed by projecting a series of psychedelic images in sync with one of the best soundtracks ever made. It's quite a sight to see and well worth the few bug bites before heading back home.

Anyways, Keep you updated on my skillzz ~ M

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