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Clancy's Pumpkin Patch - San Francisco

Come get your perfect pumpkin at Clancy's Pumpkin Patch off of Sloat and Skyline Blvd!


We went before noon so there was plenty of parking availble and only two other groups there for more than enough social distancing, but also it was quite big compared to other pumpkin patches I've been to in the past. To feel uncomfotablly, congested there would of needed to be at least 10 more groups.

A wide array of pumpkins and squash in all different kinds of sizes and colors, hay, decorative corn and even everyone's favorite, Pumpkin Spiced candles were on display for you to take home. There were scarecrows too, but I don't think those were for sale (I forgot to ask lol)

My boyfriend, our fur baby, Norman 'Little One' and I ended up picking out four $10 pumpkins to bring home for us and our roommate to carve.

Stay tuned for the pumpkin carving!! ~ M

  • "Grover Field Suit" from Pistola

  • "Bree Mini Belt Bag" from Rebecca Minkoff

  • "Edge of Life Boots" from Shop Priceless

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