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Good Morning! errr actually "Good Afternoon" as I write this at 12:12pm on this fiiiine Monday. I'm sitting at my kitchen table after I already fed Norman his breakfast and made myself a SUPER smoothie packed with all the vitamins you can imagine, but first a cup of warm lemon water to wake up my insides.

I first started writing in my journal then thought, "Why not make this my first blog post of the new year?" So yeah, here we are lol *mind goes blank* 😅 just kidding! I'll probably just ramble on until I'm done with my smoothie or one of the dogs starts biting at my fuzzy socks letting me know they need attention.

I was suppose to go into work today. "Suppose to" as in if the world was normal and not in a Pandemic, which you'd think we'd all be use to by now as we are approaching our Quaratinaversary, but I for one am not. Especially, after the Holidays *big sad OOF* Who else was looking back at their memories on Instagram, Facebook and/or Snapchat from the past whatever years and reminiscing what life was like before this 180 shift?! Because I sure the hell was. And obviously, naturally, I got a little sad. Ya know, shed a single tear R.I.P. to the old me, but nah also, especially in this moment as I write this... WOW. What experiences I had at the turn of the year! If you don't know, now you know, I am(was *crying* WILL BE AGAIN) a go-go dancer at night. And almost every year since I started I would be on stage dancing into the New Year with some of the best of people in my life.

This end of the year was not what it usually was, but I made sure to make it an experience regardless. My family, my boyfriend and all our pups decided to go to Tahoe for Christmas. My mom, being my mom, has many friends and connections(she likes to gamble too so that helps when booking rooms at a casino resort lol) was able to get a suite and a-joining room at the MontBleu Resort which was bigger than my house in SF (but also I live in SF so maybe that doesn't say too much??). Anyways, we didn't do too much. Not more than a normal Christmas, just in a different setting. Woke up, walked the dogs multiple times a day, dad went snowboarding with his friend, unfortunately my bf got sick so he spent most of his time resting and me and my mom ate... a lot 😂 Thats pretty much it! Haha the only time we went "out" was for dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but all we did was go downstairs to this restaurant Cherie Lynn.

I had someone comment on an IG post of mine calling me selfish for traveling right now. And yeah, I do understand that, it is. After Tahoe, my bf, our pup and I decided to keep on going with the road trip. We went to Salt Lake City, Utah for a few days to see some sights then to Medford, Oregon to spend NYE with my best friend and her husband for a smooth, chill transition into 2021. They had just gotten their Covid vaccinations too which was pretty cool. They're both in the medical field so we talked a lot about the science behind the vaccine and how they feel pretty confident in it.

Anyways, I feel like I am rambling lol 2020 was a whole experience in itself. Because things were so different I felt the need to make something new out of it so I decided on the road trip. I think we all need to take our own personal precautions when outside in general. I'm definitely washing my hands more often and with more patience than ever before. I never would have considered myself a germ freak, but my hand sanitizer is on the ready now 🙌. I had my Covid test the day after I got back into the Bay Area so just waiting on my results now before I can go back into work!

Ok well, my smoothie is gone and my roommate and I are going to make moves on making our own ramen on this rainy day -- I hope this is the last year that we had to force ourselves to disconnect, but in the meantime I am appreciating what I have and continuing to work on what I want ❣️

Will write about my travels soon! Thanks for tuning in 🙏 ~M

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