I am a creative in the San Francisco Bay Area who feeds off being on stage and in front of the camera. Typically an introverted busy bee, gets a chance to take a breath, be still and be in her power. I've found a new sense of self full of confidence and full of passion when either in front of thousands performing or in front of few creating beautiful images. A true chameleon connecting and adapting to the settings provided. 

Growing up as a gymnast gave me a sense of posture and poise which only heightened when I started to take dance classes to grow my fluidity. In 2010, my world opened up to go-go dancing creating so many opportunities to grow unbelievable bonds with fellow performers near and far while traveling around the world. Being on stage you become accustom to being in front of the camera. This stage presence immensely influenced how to be confident when in front of the camera.

One of my favorite things is embodying a new character. Pulling that expression out and learning of a whole new side of me.

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